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  • Keyboard problems ... $19+
  • Hard disk problems ... $25+
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  • Data backup ... $39+
  • Virus removal ... $40+
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4 Reasons to Repair Your Laptop With Us

1. We Repair all makes and models

We have skills and tools to fix literally any laptop. We believe that Burrard Laptops technicians are amongst the finest and most experienced in Canada. Here is a list of laptop brands that we have succsesfully worked on: Apple, Dell, Acer, HP, IBM-Lenovo, Compaq, Gateway, Toshiba, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Fujitsu, Packard Bell, NEC, Asus, Cicero, Eurocom, MDG, Averatec.

2. Free Verification

This means that we will quote the best possible prices in order to encourage you to go ahead with a repair. Many other companies charge just "to have a look" at your laptop up to $100. When "verification" fee is paid they may quote unreasonable prices for the repair because easy profit already made.

3. No Fix — No Fees

Pay nothing if we can't fix it — no catches, no hidden fees, no hooks. No hourly rates - we'll quote exact price before starting any repair. At Laptop we do our best to ensure you get most reliable laptop / notebook repair at reasonable price. All repairs covered by our rock-solid warranty.

4. Fast Verification — Fast Repair

We do free verification within 24 hours. Average repair turnaround time is 2-3 days. We have in stock wide range of used and new laptop parts so you do not need to wait for parts to be ordered and shipped. To start your repair just bring or ship your laptops to Laptop store.
Please review below some common laptop failures that Burrard Laptops can repair for you
Laptop / notebook Mainboard Power Jack problems

Motherboard Power Jack failure symptoms:

  • You have to wiggle the power cable in order to catch the connection
  • Your Laptop / Notebook battery doesn't charge anymore
  • When you plug your power cable in laptop the connection feels loose
  • You can hear 'popping' and 'scratching' noises from the back of your laptop

Why it happens:

Power connector can fail because of age, bad design or damaged by accident: falling, tripping over a wire, etc. If the DC-IN power connector is no longer connected to the motherboard, the power adaptor can no longer supply power to the laptop, so the battery supplies power until it dies.

What we do:

We service laptops with bad/broken DC power connectors by fixing (when possible) or replacing them. This is much cheaper than replacing the laptop's mainboard (manufacturers way). When the DC power jack is loose, the most important step is to stop wiggling it and get it fixed as soon as possible. Why? — laptop / notebook consumes lots of power when turned on (from 3.5Amps up to 7.3Amps), if the DC power connector is loose under these conditions motherboard gets damaged more and more, then making it impossible to fix in some cases.

How much:

We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repairs or services and verification is free. From our experience power jack (connector) repair starts from $39 - includes parts and service. Average turaround time is 1-2 days as we have all parts in-stock. In some cases of hard to get laptop parts price may be higher. You might have to pay shipping of laptop to us - mostly it's around $20.
All other Laptop Motherboard failures:

Motherboard failure symptoms:

Laptop shows no activity when you try to turn it on System crashes any strange system behaviour Intermittent 'no reason' system shut down Unrecognised hard drives and other devices

Why it happens:

This type of faulty behaviour can be caused by failure of a simple resistor or a major component. It is very difficult to diagnose mainboard failures as all components there are very small. BIOS (basic input-output system) software can be corrupted and this also can cause the problem. There are very many power circuits on every board of your laptop and failure of even single one of those can also result in a broken motherboard.

What we do:

Motherboard problems are very difficult to diagnose and repair. Every year laptops become smaller, lighter and more powerfull - this can be done only by using smallest electronic components available. Some smallest components like diods, resistors, capacitors are barely visible to the naked eye. On top of that every board is multilayer (6-14 layers in 1 mm thing board ) in fact it is a sandwich ofmillions of components. That is why it is very difficult to diagnose what causes the problem. However at NewWest Laptop we can diagnose and fix the problem on the laptop motherboards.

How much:

Unfortunately it is impossible to estimate the cost of the motherboard repair before detailed verification. We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repairs or services and verification is free. Motherboard repairs price start from $45 including parts and service. rep
Water / Liquid Damaged Laptops / Notebooks:

What we're proud of:

What most companies can offer you in case your laptop damaged by liquid? — 'Do not try to turn on your Laptop and bring it to us and we will try to dry it for you for hundred bucks' — they say. If it's just water then sometimes it works but most often — does not. But how about cup of sweet tea or a glass of wine or, maybe, a full big glass of orange juce? We've seen it all before and yes — we've fixed it, at NewWest Laptop we've got something in our pocket for this kind of laptop problem.Our solution is much more complex and complicated than simply drying but it works way better.

How much:

It is not very cheap as this kind of repair involves many procedures and plenty of time. We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repair. Price starts from $90 including parts and service.
Laptop / notebook LCD screen / display problems:

Laptop LCD backlight failure symptoms:

  • Dim or dark laptop LCD
  • Flickering laptop screen
  • Faint image on LCD
  • Red or dark laptop LCD

Why it happens:

Laptop LCD backlight mostly consists of 4 different parts: Laptop inverter, laptop LCD lamp (CCFL) , inverter cable and toggle switch. Failure of any of the component will give similar symptoms. There is no other way to find out what might be wrong as long as you don't use tester equipment. Possible causes of lamp failure is laptop age, continued usage of LCD. Inverter failure is mostly due to variation in power source to LCD or laptop. Sometimes physical breakage and pressure impact also causes backlight failures. Toggle switch issues are very common with HP and Compaq laptops. Toggle switch is On Off switch which turns light off on laptop LCD when laptop bezel is closed. Inverter cable is a bus which runs from motherboard to inverter. Function of inverter cable is to run power from motherboard to inverter. Possible cause of failure is hard impact of pressure or breakage on laptop as cable is situated inner side of laptop and normally does not tear out with age. In worst cases Bad Motherboard and bad LCD cable ( flex cable ) can also cause backlight failure.

Common laptop LCD cable failure symptoms:

  • White Laptop LCD
  • Moving, shaky or hazy picture
  • Stripes On Laptop LCD
  • Shaky or Hazy Picture On LCD

Why it happens:

Most of time when LCD cable goes bad it stops passing data to screen. In such cases LCD shows up only backlight means laptop will still light up but there won't be an image. Screen remains white or gray as there is no data fetched to LCD In such case external monitor must show picture. Broken LCD cable might cause dim or dark screen as - in some laptop brands one end of flex cable is attached to inverter. Moving, shaky or hazy pictures are also common symptoms of having broken LCD cable. There are 50% of changes of having bad LCD when LCD glows up white ( as if no data ) . It is hard to determine screen is issue or cable issue as long as parts are not swapped or testing tools are not used.

Manufacturers way:

Most of laptop manufacturers don't sell screen parts. More than likely you will be offered to replace the whole LCD screen and it can bee as expencive as new laptop itself. Some of our customers have been qouted over $900 CAD for the screen replacement.

What we do:

NewWest Laptops known as a company providing high quality repair at very reasonable price. One problem can result another and it makes verification difficult. Often multiple parts may need to be changed as short circuits in one part may cause other parts to fail. We have special tools to help us find the main fault and to identify which parts must be replaced in order to fix the problem. We can also replace the fluorescent lap within the LCD TFT panel. We had customers who belleved that they could replace the lamp themselves — they later came back asking for a new screen as they had destroyed the old one trying to replace the CCFL lamp. Caution — CCFL lamp requires 700-1000 Volts to operate properly !!! This kind of repair is very dangerous and delicate and must be performed only by experienced professional with special tools.

How much:

We will let you know exact pricing before starting any repairs or services and verification is free. Price for backlight / screen cable repairs start from $59, mostly includes parts and services. In some cases of hard to get laptop parts price may be higher. You might have to pay shipping of laptop To and From us - mostly it's around $20. rep

Common laptop LCD screen / display / panel failure symptoms when replacement needed:

Broken LCD or cracked laptop display
Spider crack breakage
Lines on screen faded display
Decolorization of LCD
Banded or stripped laptop screen

Why it happens:

Laptop LCD is most fragile and most expensive part in laptop. Little pressure on display will shatter laptop LCD into pieces. Laptops with Cracked screens no doubt needs LCD replacement. Loose joints and tabs can cause lines and bands on LCDs. Laptops with bleeding LCD or Leaking TFTs need screen replacements.

How much:

You will find that our prices on LCD laptops screen are very reasonable. We mostly charge (including installation) from $99 for 12 inch laptop screen replacement, from $39 for 14 inch laptop LCD replacement, from $59 for 15 inch laptop screen replacements, from $69 for 15.4 inch LCD replacements, from $79 for 17 inch LCD replacement. Most of displays we stock in house. Less then 12 inch displays and other uncommon laptop LCD replacement charges might be more depending upon our purchase price. It is hard to cross reference LCD part number from laptop model number so the best way to get you screen repaced is to bring or ship it to us. Shipping of laptop to us usally around $10-20.