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Returns and Refunds

Did you buy something and then find out it’s not working as it should be? Or maybe your item was working perfectly for a while but now it’s having problems? We offer different options for returning or exchanging these items depending on how long ago you purchased it and/or who the manufacturer is.

Check the item’s return policy

Most purchases from Burrard Laptops can be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the date of your in-store purchase, or 30 days from the date your online order is delivered, with some exceptions and depending on the type of product and the condition of its return.

If your defective item is still inside the standard return policy time window/conditions

Return or exchange your item the same way you would any standard return, either in-store or possibly by mail.

If your item is outside the standard return policy window/conditions

Further support is also provided by Geek Squad. For example: