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Save on Work Laptops

Explore the simplicity of laptop leasing with Burrard Laptops. Whether you're an individual, a family, or a business, our straightforward leasing services bring the latest technology within easy reach.

Leasing a laptop with us is hassle-free. Enjoy the convenience of accessing cutting-edge technology without the commitments of ownership. Burrard Laptops provides a seamless and affordable solution for staying connected, making technology easy and accessible for everyone. Whether you're a student, a family, or a growing business, our laptop leasing services cater to your needs, ensuring a straightforward and enjoyable experience.

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Look through our plans for customers or businesses – choose the one that fits what you're looking for.
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Leasing Plans

Student Plan

$135 / month

$1458 / year (-10% off)

Ideal for students seeking an easy laptop solution for studies.

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  • Up to 3 laptops
  • Essential productivity tools
  • Educational Software

Family Entertainment

$100 / month

$1080 / year (-10% off)

Elevate family entertainment and education

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  • Up to 2 laptops
  • Streaming Services
  • Educational apps
  • Games

Tech Enthusiast

$125 / month

$1350 / year (-10% off)

For tech enthusiasts, craving the latest in computing power

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  • High-end laptop
  • Gaming
  • Multimedia
  • Advanced Applications

Business Travelers

$150 / month

$1620 / year (-10% off)

Stay productive on the go

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  • Up to 2 laptops
  • Essential Productivity
  • Communication Tools

Startup Accelerator

$600 / month

$6480 / year (-10% off)

Propel your startup

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  • Up to 15 laptops
  • Business software
  • Access to valuable mentorship resources

Data Security

$900 / month

$9720 / year (-10% off)

Ensure buciness security

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  • Up to 20 laptops
  • Enhanced security features
  • Encryption software
  • VPN subscriptions
  • Regular updates

Conference Room Tech

$350 / month

$3780 / year (-10% off)

Elevate meetings

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  • Up to 5 laptops
  • Seamless presentations
  • Collaboration

Healthcare Compliance

$1300 / month

$14040 / year (-10% off)

Meet healthcare compliance effortlessly

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  • Up to 25 laptops
  • Configured for industry standards
  • Haelthcare-specific software

Scaling Business

$2300 / month

$24840 / year (-10% off)

Fuel business growth

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  • Up to 50 laptops
  • Scalability Options
  • Dedicated tech support
  • For expanding teams

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Benefit from our years of experience and highly skilled, certified technicians. We have earned the trust of countless individuals and businesses.

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Enjoy fast repairs, remote support, and on-site assistance options. Choose from flexible subscription plans that suit your needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is delivering exceptional customer service. With a proven track record of happy customers, we always prioritize your needs.