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Online Services Terms

Payment and Booking

To make sure your online session is set, pay the invoice before your session time. Once you've paid, your session is booked, and we're all set for your scheduled time.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel for free if it's 24 hours before your session. If it's within 24 hours, there's a charge of 50% of the session cost. We hope you understand.


Change your session time for free if it's 24 hours before your original time. If it's within 24 hours, there might be a charge, similar to the cancellation policy. Let us know early if your plans change.

Technical Requirements

Make sure your internet is good, and your devices are working for the session. If there are technical issues on your side during the session, we can't give a refund or reschedule for free. Taking a moment to set up your tech right will help the session go well.


Anything you share during the session is private. We won't tell anyone else. We want you to feel safe and trust us during our sessions.

Interaction During the Session

We want you to talk and ask questions during the session. It helps make the session better for you. Share your thoughts and concerns; we're here to help.

Session Duration

Be on time for your session. If you need more time, tell us beforehand. We can figure out if we need to extend the session

Recording Policy

You can take notes, but please don't record the session without asking first. This is to keep things private for everyone. If you need a recording, let us know before the session.

Feedback and Follow-Up

After the session, you can tell us what you think. Your feedback helps us get better. We might also check in with you later to answer questions or give more help.

Code of Conduct

We keep things professional and respectful during our sessions. Please do the same. If someone doesn't follow the rules, we might have to end the session.